Requirements for MIDA diaspora participants

The recruitment of MIDA diaspora participants is conducted in accordance with IOM’s standards of transparency and equal access, promoting the participation of women. When the needs are identified by the host institution, the positions are advertised. The Terms of Reference for the diaspora experts are based on the national priorities as well as specific needs and gaps of each targeted institution. IOM and the host institution will interview the candidates jointly and make the final decision on the selection.  

Eligibility to be part of the MIDA programme is based on the qualifications and years of experience that match the criteria established by the donor and host institution. The expected candidate should have: 

  • Documented evidence of living abroad with legal residency or nationality status outside Somalia, including proof of right-of-return to the same country.  
  • University degree (Bachelor's, Master’s, PhD) 
  • Relevant work experience 
  • At least 21 years of age  
  • Somali-language proficient, as well as English 
  • Ability to work in partnerships and adjust to difficult living conditions 
  • Genuine interest and commitment to the development of Somalia and a willingness to share skills, knowledge and experience 

Recruitment process