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Migration is considered one of the defining global issues of the early twenty-first century, as more and more people are on the move today than at any other point in human history. There are now about 192 million people living outside their place of birth, which is about three per cent of the world's population.

This means that roughly one of every thirty-five persons in the world is a migrant. Between 1965 and 1990, the number of international migrants increased by 45 million-an annual growth rate of about 2.1 per cent. The current annual growth rate is about 2.9 per cent.
Discourse on migration involves many perspectives. There is growing recognition that migration is an essential and inevitable component of the economic and social life of every State, and that orderly and properly managed migration can be beneficial for both individuals and societies. The multiple and complex dimensions of migration include:
  • 419 experts deployed
  • 17 countries
  • +500 assignments completed
  • +100 institutions
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The MIDA programme has deployed more than 800 diaspora professionals, local professionals, and local interns to provide capacity-building and technical skills support to the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States. Read their stories. 




Mahad Ahmed Abdi

Still it feels more meaningful to work here.

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Nimo Hussein

The training I have been able to provide has saved many lives

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Yasin Farah

My work has been crucial to pursue criminal justice.

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Miriam Yassin

I strongly felt this was my calling in life.


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