Become a MIDA participant

Diaspora professionals 

The MIDA Somalia programme aims to match the needs of government institutions with the skills of the diaspora community. Somali diaspora professionals residing abroad return to Somalia for a period of time through the support of IOM, to transfer their knowledge to the local staff and institutions.  

Since 2008, over 419 diaspora professionals from 16 different nationalities have been deployed across Somalia for assignments ranging from 3 to 18 months.  

Through the MIDA programme, the diaspora experts have contributed to:  

  • Critical life-saving interventions at a number of regional hospitals across Somalia, including establishing the first dialysis unit.  
  • The formulation and adoption of key policies across a wide-range of sectors 
  • Training of teachers and curriculum development to raise the quality and standards of primary, secondary and higher education;  
  • Implementation of various structures to better manage water and land.  

The nature of the assignments can vary from quite practical and hands-on to more policy-oriented practises allowing the expert to participate in the decision-making processes at the highest level.   

Infographic on position type and nationalities

The experts are placed at various public sectors in Somalia, including hospitals, government and academic institutions to perform their duties under the overall guidance of the host institution. The Labour Mobility and Human Development division of IOM Somalia is responsible to provide administrative support throughout the assignment.  

In some cases the diaspora experts undertake occasional short term missions to other regions for the purpose of filling the gaps in the most remote and vulnerable locations of Somalia.  

What we offer 

  • The opportunity to give back to your community and support in the development of your country.  
  • A monthly stipend amount determined by your academic qualifications and years of relevant work experience. 
  • Medical insurance, which covers medical and emergency evacuation.  
  • Travel arrangements to and from Somalia as well as logistical support while on duty. 

If you want to participate in the MIDA programme, check the requirements and open vacancies available.  

Local and junior professionals 

The MIDA programme also provides job placements and internship opportunities for local professionals and junior professionals respectively. The programme acknowledges that long-term impact is built on strong ownership at the local level, as well as on the engagement of the new generations. 

Selected local professionals and junior professionals work under the mentorship of the diaspora experts, who provide continuous on-the-job training and mentoring. This contributes to employment creation, internship and competency-sharing opportunities for local professionals and youth, in order to foster access to the labour market while at the same time ensuring long-term sustainability and grounded ownership of transferred skills.  

If you want to become a local or junior professional, please visit Hiiran to see the latest positions.