About MIDA

Contributing to Somalia’s Development

Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) is a capacity-building programme implemented by the IOM/UN Migration Agency, to strengthen institutional capacities of African governments to manage and realize their development goals through the transfer of knowledge, relevant skills and financial resources of African diaspora members.  

The overall objective of the MIDA programme in Somalia is to strengthen the capacity of state institutions in key sectors in order to contribute towards achieving the goals stipulated in the National Development Plan of Somalia aligned to the Global Compact on Migration and the 2030 Development Agenda. 

Our mission is to assist in strengthening the capacities of the Federal and State Somali institutions through the transfer of relevant skills, knowledge and resources, with the support of Somali experts. 

The MIDA programme in Somalia is structured with an integrated approach that is both multi-sector and multi-level (Federal and regional; institutions and communities; diaspora experts, local professionals and highly skilled youth). This aspect of multi-dimensionality, which values crosscutting connections among different components, beneficiaries and partners, is the characteristic element of all MIDA projects implemented in Somalia.

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Somali diaspora for development 

Since 2009, IOM has been actively supporting the pivotal role of diaspora as key development actors.  With its MIDA Somalia programme, IOM has contributed to providing capacity-building and technical skills support to the Federal Government of Somalia (FGoS) and Federal Member States, through the deployment of diaspora experts.

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Being a natural bridge among countries, diaspora members contribute to the circulation of experiences, competencies, resources, employment opportunities and innovation.  

The programme supports the mobilization of resources and expertise of the Somali diaspora in order to contribute to the stabilization and development of Somalia, while ensuring that skills and knowledge are transferred to the host institution once the diaspora experts complete their assignments. Long-term impact and sustainability are further strengthened through the assignments of local professionals and junior professionals (interns), who benefit from diaspora experts’ daily mentoring and training.  

Throughout the assignment the MIDA experts conduct various trainings for the staff at the host institutions, and are involved in sector coordination as well as assist in developing various policy documents, frameworks, and strategic plans. 

In MIDA we promote a human rights based approach (HRBA), women’s empowerment, youth engagement and sustainability.

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