The MIDA Programme

The Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) initiative started in Somalia in 2008 with the first diaspora experts deployed in 2009. 

The overall objective of the MIDA Somalia programme is to strengthen the capacity of state institutions through the recruitment of qualified diaspora professionals to contribute towards achieving the goals stipulated in the National Development Plan of Somalia aligned with the Global Compact on Migration and the 2030 Development Agenda.

  • 419 experts deployed
  • 17 countries
  • +500 assignments completed
  • +100 institutions
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The MIDA programme has deployed more than 800 diaspora professionals, local professionals, and local interns to provide capacity-building and technical skills support to the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States. Read their stories. 




Mahad Ahmed Abdi

Still it feels more meaningful to work here.

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Nimo Hussein

The training I have been able to provide has saved many lives

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Yasin Farah

My work has been crucial to pursue criminal justice.

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Miriam Yassin

I strongly felt this was my calling in life.


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